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Family & Friendship

At JRD we strive to offer an inclusive and nurturing environment, beyond just the dance steps! Every student is warmly welcomed into our dance family with an open and positive experience for all. Every child has a safe place to feel supported and connected.

Providing tailored programs to nurture cognitive, physical, emotional and social development focusing on imagination creativity and fun.

Passion &


JRD fosters a life long love of dance, and empowers students with confidence, happiness and joy.


We inspire our students to dream big and follow their passion wherever that may lead. 

With over 50 years experience in delivering quality dance education to the Gippsland community, JRD are committed to providing sound technical training in various forms of dance.

Our specialist teaching Staff are highly trained and experienced as both educators and professional performers, providing a first class experience to each student.

Professionalism, Quality & Excellence

Improvement & Persistence

Our classes provide the opportunity for students to express themselves freely and personal improvement is the main focus.


We understand each student has unique skills and strengths and we celebrate individuality.


We believe every student has something special to bring to our dance family through persistence and dedication.

At JRD we believe in fostering a safe and supportive environment where children are taught age appropriate and solid technique. 


Our expectation is that students and staff show mutual respect and practice honesty toward each other with integrity and self reflection. 

Safety, Honesty & Respect